Some people are creative but hard to work with. Some people are easy to work with but not so creative. Robin is the best of both worlds; she is not only gifted with images and words but she also listens, contributes, and guides. And the result? Creative work beautifully put together reflecting what we want to say in compelling images and words that elevate the message. She is passionate and professional: a deeply creative soul and a great partner with whom to work.

—Jonathan Bernhard ~ Executive Director ~ Jewish Initiative for Animals

When I needed a designer for the cover of my memoir, I knew exactly who to call. I had seen Robin’s previous work on the cover of a book displayed on my bookcase, and over the years I'd become familiar with her and her talents for design and copywriting. I had also followed her passion project, Why Go Veg, a refreshing and inviting resource for learning about vegan topics. Robin is a thoughtful and thorough writer, editor, and designer. Throughout the working process, she maintains clear, considerate, and careful communication. So, it’s no surprise that her efforts lead consistently to superior deliverables whether it’s text, graphics, or her specialty: words and images combined. Hire this woman now.

—Lisa Rimmert ~ Owner ~ On the Nose Communications

Robin listened closely and helped me re-tell my personal story in a way that was both therapeutic for me and educational for others. Together, we pulled out three main concepts to guide the business, and clarifying the message made a huge difference in keeping things consistent. I'm very thankful for Robin’s dedication — she helped make my business launch a great experience!

—Ann Kerrigan ~ Owner ~ Forget Me Not Box, LLC

Robin designed our Farm Forward 2021 Annual Report — a complex and multifaceted document — with beautiful results. In keeping with our brand, she sourced many great images, combining them with photos from our library for a unified feel throughout. Her design enhanced the words, never distracting or taking away from our message. She worked with us through many iterations with patience and professionalism. Thanks, Robin — I hope you’ll take pleasure in a job well done!

—John Millspaugh ~ Director of Education ~ Farm Forward

You don't need me to tell you Robin is an exceptional designer — her work speaks well enough for itself. But what I can tell you is her secret. What makes Robin an exceptional designer is her dedication to the mission, the joy she infuses into her work, and her fierce addiction to detail. If you have an opportunity to partner up with Parfait Studio, proceed with pure confidence.

—Chris Chamberlin ~ President ~ Effect Partners

It’s as if Robin can see right into my head and pull out exactly what I’m looking for…but what she pulls out is much more inspired and creative than anything that I could have done! Robin is very easy to work with, and she is the only one I trust to tackle my branding (and rebranding) projects.

—Teresa Barbagallo ~ Shopkeeper ~ Treelotta

In each and every step throughout the creative process, Robin kept me in line and on track — not an easy feat, to be sure! But she did it with a smile and good cheer, and she made the design and publication of my book a joy. I now count her as one of my friends, and I’m honored to know her.

—Hope Nelson ~ Author & Blogger ~ The Kitchen Recessionista

Robin designed a logo and tagline for my organization, the Library Research Service (LRS). Working with Robin was a delight from start to finish. You can easily tell from looking at her portfolio that she is a highly talented and experienced graphic designer. What I learned from working with her is that she is also incredibly professional, collaborative, and responsive. She spent a lot of time getting to know LRS and talking with me about my vision for the logo/tagline before beginning the design work. And, once things were underway, she clearly communicated with me about each step of the process so that I always knew what was going on and what decisions I needed to make to move things forward. All of us at LRS are thrilled with the end product, as we finally have branding that reflects who we are. Thank you, Robin!

—Linda Hofschire ~ Director ~ Library Research Service

When we needed to revitalize our print media campaign, Robin's eye-catching concepts definitely made our ads stand out month after month. We’ve trusted her with portraying our company in a way that grabs shoppers’ attention…and she’s given us amazing work that has definitely gotten us noticed more than before, and has made us very happy. I’d recommend working with Robin to anyone who has been stymied on how to get their business noticed in their market effectively, and we look forward to working with her for a long time to come!

—Ryan Wilson ~ Co-Owner ~ Vegan Essentials

Robin edited my first book, A to Z of Branding. Her edits made my thoughts clearer, more concise, and brought my book to life. Plus, she included the reasoning behind her edits, which helped me learn throughout the process. Thank you Robin, for making me proud to share my first book!

—Lidia Varesco Racoma ~ Art Director & Designer ~ Lidia Varesco Design

Robin was able to create the exact feel that we desired for our unique product, within the timeframe required. We were delighted with the outcome!

—Sharon Gregory ~ Entrepreneur & Creator of Notcho Nocheez

Robin did an absolutely brilliant job designing the cover for my independently published book and proof-reading the first hundred pages of my manuscript. Her proofing comments far exceeded what I'd received from anyone else thanks to her exceptional eye for detail, but her work on the cover was somehow even more impressive. She worked very closely with me to understand the message and meaning of my book and then produced three very unique and wonderful options for me to choose between. I had suggested a couple of pictures she could use for a background and she found a third. The one she found became the one I really fell in love with. Every single person I've shown the book to has oohed and aahed over the cover. It looks incredibly professional and it sums up the theme of the book better than I ever could have hoped. I could not have been more pleased with any aspect of working with Robin. She's phenomenally talented and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. If I were to rate her on a scale of 1-10, I'd give her an 11.

—Aaron Brown ~ Fiction Author

Working with Parfait Studio is a dream. I value both great design and great communication, and Robin provides both. Every project she delivers exceeds my expectations, and she is an absolute joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Parfait Studio and look forward to working with her for years to come.

—Colleen Holland ~ Founder of Fresh Healthy Media ~ Co-Founder of VegNews Magazine

I have been working with Robin for the past several months on an important book project, Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice. Robin came highly recommended to me by a vegan author. From the outset, I have been impressed with Robin's attention to detail (the name "Parfait Studio" is entirely fitting) and sheer talent in her design work. She works incredibly hard to ensure that all elements of her work fit with what we are trying to achieve. I trust no other designer like I trust Robin, and always contact her first when embarking on a new project. On a personal level, Robin is a pleasure to work with. She's personable, has a great sense of humor, and is flexible in dealing with different situations (and personalities). I wish all of our work relationships were this easy!

—Casey Taft ~ Co-Founder ~ Vegan Publishers

Robin designed the cover and did the layout for my book, Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business. Her attention to detail and ‘can do’ attitude made her an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s rare to find a designer and wordsmith in one person and this, along with her enthusiasm and outstanding dedication, is what makes Robin stand out. Because Robin shares my vegan values and passion for animal advocacy, I felt incredibly looked after throughout the whole process and that working on this project together was a shared mission. I’m thrilled to have worked with Robin and look forward to future collaborations with Parfait Studio.

—Katrina Fox ~ Journalist, Editor & Founder ~ Vegan Business Media

The identity Parfait Studio crafted for my business answered all of my needs. Whenever I exchange business cards with potential clients or colleagues, I am quite sure my card ‘wins’ in representing who I am and what I have to offer through its great design and clear message.

—KD Fikso ~ Color Consultant & Interior Designer

Robin is punctual, communicative, and easy to work with. She delivers top-notch work and is a true professional. She’s also got a great personality!

—Nichole Kraft ~ Editor & Owner ~ Paper Weight Editing

I knew that having Robin design the invitations for our wedding would add a one-of-a-kind, personal touch that Ryan and I were looking for. She used her skill with words and design to create a playful expression of our personalities and our love. I have been a long-time admirer of Robin’s work, and yet was continually impressed by the pieces that she presented to us for our special day. I felt completely secure turning the reins over to her for this part of our wedding, knowing she would not disappoint!

—Tamra Tesreau Abernathy ~ Low-Maintenance Bride

Robin has a wonderful eye for design and a sterling work ethic. She met a series of impossible deadlines for Craftsy.com with grace and good humor, and the quality of her work never suffered. As an editor, I appreciate her skills with copy — she caught inconsistencies, style variations and flat-out mistakes more often than I care to admit. She communicates well and often, is reliable and a lot of fun. I have enjoyed working with her and hope to continue doing so.

—Lisa Greim ~ Senior Presentation Editor ~ Sympoz Inc.

Robin Ridley of Parfait Studio is a joy to work with. Her ever-shining optimism and sincerity makes the experience of creating a new website fun!

—Heather Deschaine ~ Owner & Operator ~ D.I.A. Dog Walking

Robin is a terrific marketing resource! She's done several design projects for us and delivered results that were better in subtle and profound ways than I dared to anticipate. Her attention to detail gave me the confidence that everything was covered, and indeed it was. I'll definitely continue to work with Robin.

—Kris Skavish ~ Principal ~ Two Octobers

Robin designed several ads and did a website review for me — she was always spot on and understood what I wanted. Very easy to work with and patient — I would highly recommend her.

—Michaela Grob ~ Owner ~ Riverdel

Robin is a talented and dedicated professional who assisted me with brand and logo development. Her dedication to detail is remarkable and her creativity is boundless. I am especially impressed with her ability to truly listen to, understand and actualize my needs and ideas. She is a real find.

—Erica Lebovitz ~ Director ~ Great Plate Consulting

Robin is the ultimate wordsmith and her design is impeccable. She ensured that every detail was perfect and designed a campaign that resulted in great leads and won a national marketing award.

—Cheneile Norasaeng ~ CEO ~ DreamWise Marketing Solutions

Robin is a very talented graphic designer, with a mind-blowing attention to detail, deep and broad knowledge of graphic design and printing, absolute adherence to scheduling, and great results. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

—Natascha Lee ~ Principal ~ Hotwire Marketing

I have been extremely pleased with the pro bono and paid work that Parfait Studio has done on behalf of Amazon CARES, an animal welfare charity. Although it was not part of the deal, I happily added her link and logo to our Donor page, simply because of my great appreciation for her work. She really worked on tight deadlines at times, and she has never let us down!

—Molly Mednikow ~ Founder ~ Amazon CARES

Robin designed the logo for my new company, Peak Facilitation Group. She consulted with me to ensure that she understood my needs, my target audience, my own aesthetic, etc. She gave me several options to choose from, listened to my feedback, and then brought back something that was perfect. Additionally, Robin is a delightful person who clearly understands her craft, has integrity, and values a strong relationship with her clients.

—Heather Bergman ~ Mediator ~ Peak Facilitation Group

If you are looking for professionalism coupled with creativity, character, consistency and capability, then you have come to the right place. I have worked with Parfait Studio on numerous occasions and am amazed at how Robin outdoes herself each time. From her wordsmith talents and cutting edge design that is relevant instead of trendy, to her dedication to stay on time and within budget, Robin always delivers a stress-free experience. Her attention to detail is reassuring and the level of organization frees me up to focus on my business. The journey from concept to completion is truly a joy. I wholeheartedly endorse Parfait Studio.

—Sarah Gore ~ Customer Experience Architect ~ Stance