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Hiking for Mental Health

50/50 Hiking Project: Crested Butte Foothills

Anyone will tell you that I’m a hiking addict. Just a half-hour from my door, Colorado’s foothills feed my habit and coax me into hitting the trail. This obsession with fresh air and solitude also fuels my creative process and (seriously) keeps me sane! In January of 2021, I set an impromptu goal of going on fifty hikes in a calendar year. In addition to celebrating my half-century mark, I… Read more ›

Walk to Unblock

Hiking makes me happy. The sight of a single-track trail, filled with mysterious twists and turns is enough to send me scrambling for my Tevas. Since I live and work in the city, I don’t have the luxury of trekking down a mountain path anytime the mood strikes, so I opt for the next best thing: urban walking. Walking occupies a special place in my heart and mind…literally. We all know… Read more ›

Newbie at the AR National Conference

  Despite the fact that I’m a long-time animal advocate, vegetarian, and (more recently) vegan activist, the Animal Rights National Conference was never on my radar. It seemed — like many things do when we scratch the surface — too overwhelming to consider. Hundreds of activists, dozens of sessions, four full days of workshops, plenaries, film screenings, exhibits…and, of course, oodles of networking. Still, when it popped up in my news… Read more ›