Check out a few of my all-time favorite resources, books, and tips!

Design & Writing

AIGA: Standards of Professional Practice
A helpful guide to understanding a graphic designer’s roles and responsibilities to clients and the community at large

Who Owns the Rights to Your Design Work?
A quick overview of copyright law, plus what’s entailed when a client asks a graphic designer to provide original, editable files

Design Seeds
A photographic collection of eye candy that doubles as a tool for picking color palettes

Grammar Girl
A great resource for those times when you need help navigating the English language

Jessica Hische
Hische’s irreverent thoughts on the business aspects of design are almost as brilliant as her portfolio of hand-lettered projects.

A Designer’s Art
by Paul Rand
Required reading for all aspiring (and well-established) designers, from the creator of many recognizable corporate logos

Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice
by Armin Hofmann
A tribute to form and minimalism from the artist/teacher who helped pioneer the classic Swiss style of graphic design

The Elements of Style Illustrated
by William Strunk Jr. + E.B. White (Authors) + Maira Kalman (Illustrator)
A whimsical twist on the handbook every good writer keeps in her virtual back pocket

Negotiating with the Dead
by Margaret Atwood
A witty, profound set of observations and advice on writing from the epic author/poet

Vegan Lifestyle &
Animal Advocacy

The Vegan Society
Formed in 1944 by the man who coined the term “vegan,” this UK groups’s site is a fitting place to read about adopting a more compassionate lifestyle.

Free from Harm
This website/blog includes a comprehensive collection of fact sheets and well-researched answers to common questions about animals and the way humans treat them.

Vegan Outreach
One of the most effective non-profits on the planet, VO exposes the suffering of farmed animals through widespread distribution of booklets promoting plant-based eating.

The Food Empowerment Project
This group encourages healthy food choices that prevent injustices against animals, people, and the environment.

VegNews Magazine
This beautifully designed publication provides fun and informative news, tips, and recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious readers alike.

Vegan Business Media
PR expert, Katrina Fox, offers a wealth of success tips, resources, and inspiration for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs.

Weird, Why Aren’t You Vegan
Welcome to the silliest/smartest quadrant of the blogosphere, where Lisa Rimmert regularly aims a generous dose of snarky humor at both vegans and omnivores.

Oh She Glows
Enjoy a smorgasbord of gorgeously photographed, plant-based dishes and recipes from prolific blogger, Angela Liddon.

Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Social Justice
Edited by Will Tuttle, PhD ~ Foreword by Carol J. Adams
A diverse range of well-known authors and activists share their personal perspectives on the connections between humans, the animals, and the environment.

A Guide to Vegan Nutrition
by George Eisman, RD
An authoritative resource that expertly details the benefits of a plant-based diet. Once you’ve read this fascinating book, you’ll be ready to take on questions posed by skeptical family, friends, and physicians alike!

We Animals
by Jo-Anne McArthur

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism
by Melanie Joy, PhD

Goals & Inspiration

Focus at Will
This addictive site plays carefully formulated music that reduces distractions and helps increase the listener’s productivity (it works)!

The Happiness Project
by Gretchen Rubin

Lunch Poems
by Frank O’Hara

The War of Art
by Steven Pressfield