Growing up, my family called me “Question Robin,” and not much has changed. Now, allow me to answer your own burning questions.

What exactly do you mean by “vegan and eco-friendly folks” and why do you want to partner with them?

Great question! “Vegan and eco-friendly folks” take daily actions to promote compassion for animals and protect the planet we share. They could be small business owners, non-profit stakeholders, entrepreneurs, or anything in-between. I want to partner with them because I strongly support their efforts and I believe all creatures can co-exist in a way that doesn’t destroy our health, our ecosystem, and our ethics. For more on the topic of why I made the switch to a vegan lifestyle and business, check out my blog post, Veganism as a Vocation.

Will you work with groups or businesses that don’t specifically describe themselves as “vegan and eco-friendly”?

In many cases, yes. So long as they don’t offer or promote products and services that exploit our fellow animals or damage the environment, I’m happy to talk about teaming up!

What the heck is a “wordsmith”…is it anything like a blacksmith? I can’t picture you wielding a blowtorch.

Right, I only break out the power tools in extreme cases. 😉  I prefer the term “wordsmith” to “copywriter” or “editor,” simply because it’s more descriptive of my creative process (and because it’s more fun to say). While I love to craft a piece of writing out of thin air, more frequently my role is one of shaping and refining the raw content supplied by my clients. Regardless of my title or what we choose to call the “wordsmithing” process, the end result is a message that’s clear, meaningful, and memorable.

Why should I hire a designer and wordsmith “combo” as opposed to working with two different people?

This question is such a stellar one that I wrote a blog post all about it: Why hire a designer-wordsmith hybrid? Check it out if you have a few extra minutes. Otherwise, suffice it to say that the writer-designer combination is a powerful one, especially when you consider that nearly everything a graphic designer produces revolves around pairing words with images. Telling a story from beginning to end by crafting the design and writing the copy ensures that your message is clear and consistent with your brand. Lastly, on a more personal level, combining words and images is one of my favorite things to do, and it usually shows!

Can you design a piece without writing the corresponding text? How about crafting the copy without creating the design?

Absolutely. While I love the synergy of creating both the words and the images for any given project, I can easily focus on just one or the other, depending on my clients’ needs.

What do you charge for creating a Logo and Tagline? How about an Ad Campaign or an Ebook?

Well, that’s a bit like asking for the price of a sofa — it sort of depends whether you want the discounted floor model or the designer chaise lounge — there’s not a “one-size-fits-all” price tag. I estimate most of my projects (including Logos and Taglines) based on a sliding scale, depending on the project scope, the turnaround time, and the size of the business. Ad Campaigns and Ebooks have even more nooks and crannies to consider. If you have a specific project in mind, I highly recommend filling out my Project Planning Form — it's a great way to get us all on the same page. From there, we'll set up a time to chat and I'll prepare a detailed Project Estimate for your review. All free of charge, of course!

How do you feel about crowdsourcing design? It seems like a cheap way to get a bunch of options for my Logo!

While it can be a hugely helpful resource for raising funds or performing simple administrative tasks, I’m not a fan of crowdsourcing when it comes to creative services.

The process of crafting original words and images is all about strategic partnership and back-and-forth collaboration between the client and the designer-wordsmith. Crowdsourcing generally pulls those elements out of the equation in favor of a plethora of cheap and easy solutions, which ultimately hurts both parties. The price may be nice, but since the fees are well below market standards, many designers will resort to re-purposing existing artwork in order to speed up the creative process.

At best, the results are mediocre and template-based. At worst, the finished product can be marred by bad design, an incomplete understanding of the product or service, and even plagiarism. Partnering with a skilled professional (vs. a faceless crowd) may cost a bit more, but the quality of the finished work is well worth the investment.

Check out my guest blog for Vegan Business Media — 5 reasons NOT to crowdsource your vegan logo — for more thoughts on this juicy topic!

I have a limited budget for my project, but I really want to work with you! Do you accept payment plans? How about barter or trade arrangements?

Yes, I do accept payment plans…let’s talk! As for barter or trade arrangements, I'm open to these on a limited basis, so please let me know what you have in mind and we’ll see if it’s a win-win approach.

I have a burning question that (for some bizarre reason) isn’t listed here. What should I do?

I'm all ears! Please shoot me a note, and I'll do my best to put out the flames. Who knows, your question may qualify for a coveted spot on this very page.