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Bodega Life + Winter Light

Plantega Logo + Tagline: "Grab Some Good Stuff"

 We’ve each known varying degrees of darkness in recent months, but light is tenacious, shining through wherever we give it the smallest opening. This theme held true for my 2020 experience, both personally and professionally: things felt difficult, but I was determined to find those elusive silver linings. In the end, they found me first! Way back in May, I teamed up with Effect Partners, a Minneapolis agency committed to solving issues around climate… Read more ›

Black Lives Matter: Taking Action

Black Lives Matter Artwork

It feels like a lifetime ago, but in a recent newsletter I stated, “If 2019 was a year for reflection, then 2020 is a year for taking action!” One global pandemic + economic recession + (long-overdue) social justice movement later, and those words seem like both a premonition and a challenge. I’ve always considered myself a vegan activist, doing my part to decrease animal suffering and share the benefits of a plant-based… Read more ›

Answering a Simple Question

"We know you've been wondering…Why Go Veg?” (fresh facts for veg-curious folks)

A handful of years ago, I chose to channel my creative energy toward a specific audience: vegan + eco-friendly groups + businesses. While researching this decision, I gradually shifted from a long-time vegetarian to a full-blown vegan. During that transition, I scanned through dozens of articles, images, and books about our catastrophic dependence on the meat, dairy, and egg industries. I remember wishing for a free resource — one that… Read more ›

Raising Awareness in Australia

Be Fair Be Vegan Melbourne Campaign

The first time I saw the Be Fair Be Vegan message was in 2016, splashed across sky-high digital displays in Times Square and on Manhattan billboards. Its black and white images were stunning, and its message of equality was eye-opening. So, when Be Fair Be Vegan mastermind, Joanna Lucas, asked me to help her with the campaign launch for Melbourne, Australia, I jumped at the chance! This version of Be Fair Be Vegan would… Read more ›

Newbie at the AR National Conference

  Despite the fact that I’m a long-time animal advocate, vegetarian, and (more recently) vegan activist, the Animal Rights National Conference was never on my radar. It seemed — like many things do when we scratch the surface — too overwhelming to consider. Hundreds of activists, dozens of sessions, four full days of workshops, plenaries, film screenings, exhibits…and, of course, oodles of networking. Still, when it popped up in my news… Read more ›