Black Lives Matter: Taking Action

Black Lives Matter Artwork

It feels like a lifetime ago, but in a recent newsletter I stated, “If 2019 was a year for reflection, then 2020 is a year for taking action!” One global pandemic + economic recession + (long-overdue) social justice movement later, and those words seem like both a premonition and a challenge.

I’ve always considered myself a vegan activist, doing my part to decrease animal suffering and share the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. That hasn’t changed…but the fight against oppression isn’t limited to a single cause. We can’t survive and thrive in a world where animal lives matter and Black lives don’t. So how can I use my White privilege (and my skill set as a designer + wordsmith) to take action and make a difference?

Well, for starters, I’ve created a yard sign to: 1) Illustrate how elementary the concept of “Black Lives Matter” should be; 2) Show solidarity with the BLM movement; and 3) Support a Black-owned business right here in Colorado.

Any and all profits from the sale of this 18 x 24 yard sign will directly support Artistic Apparel, Graphics & Signsa small family print shop that’s proudly Black-owned and working hard to bounce back from the COVID-19 shutdown. Let’s show them some love! Please join me by purchasing a yard sign (or two, or three) and putting your solidarity on display…right in your own front yard.


Black Lives Matter Yard Sign

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