Answering a Simple Question

"We know you've been wondering…Why Go Veg?” (fresh facts for veg-curious folks)

The Why Go Veg? website seeks to answer this food-related question with illustrated facts that are easy to digest!

A handful of years ago, I chose to channel my creative energy toward a specific audience: vegan + eco-friendly groups + businesses. While researching this decision, I gradually shifted from a long-time vegetarian to a full-blown vegan.

During that transition, I scanned through dozens of articles, images, and books about our catastrophic dependence on the meat, dairy, and egg industries. I remember wishing for a free resource — one that was visually engaging and easy to absorb — that would give me the facts without traumatizing or judging me. I wanted someone to answer a simple question: “Why should I go vegan?”

My new website — Why Go Veg? — does exactly that! Featuring 20 illustrated fact panels (each footnoted by a reputable source), it aims to be an after-dinner mint in a world of excess. Hungry for next steps? Click the So, what can I do? link for my favorite books, products, recipes, films, mobile apps, and more.

This passion project simmered on the side burner for many (many) months, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you! Huge thanks to my gifted illustrator, Gavin Graham, and my small team of testers…I’m so grateful for your support.

It’s exciting for sure, but this is just the beginning! Soon we’ll be adding new facts to the website, plus apparel and other goodies for purchase. Be sure to sure to follow Why Go Veg? on Instagram and Facebook, and if you’d like to receive email updates (and the occasional giveaway), please sign up here.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Why Go Veg?…it’s a question worth pondering!

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